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Class Schedule for 2017


There are no classes scheduled for the year yet, but I am open to requests!! Along with Beginning and Intermediate Tatting there is Learning to Weave on an Inkle loom (the loom comes with your class!), Rigid Heddle Weaving (we carry Kromski Looms for purchase for this one, or bring your own), Beginning Knitting, Garter Tab Shawl, Knitted Socks and more - just ask!. If I can do it, I'll teach it!


Beginning in February, there will at least be a monthly Tatting Class, a Weaving Class and I will establish at LEAST 2 days a month for a Come and Craft time, where all and sundry can come hang out in the Shop and pursue the craft that has your attention at the moment and visit with other crafters - or play with a Kromski wheel, or loom or a drop spindle or feed a sheep peanuts, or whatever!


Again, please let me know what you would like to see offered, what days/times work for you and the same for the Come and Craft open shop times. I want to line things up to suit as many people as possible!

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